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Affinity24 Career Opportunities


Affinity24 understands the financial crisis the faces a majority of Americans these days. Whether if its ever-growing debt, living paycheck to paycheck, or having no means of retirement, Affinity24 offers you options for careers in the merchant processing industry. Our goal is to give you everything you need to build a successful book of business and pave the way for you to earn ongoing residual income while working at your own pace! Affinity24 career opportunities ou want to do part-time or something you want to pursuit as a full time career

Affinity24 Career Programs

Affinity24 Agent Program

-Synopsis: Become a registered Independent Sales Representative of Affinity24. We will walk hand in hand with you, giving you proper guidance, resources, and training on the specifics of credit card processing. Through our certification process you will learn the ins and outs of our industry! You will understand the goods and services we sell, who our competitors are, how to stand out in a competitive market, etc. With all of theses skill you will build your own book of business, make sales from start to finish, and earn both upfront commissions and ongoing residuals. All of this is done within the flexibility of your schedule!

– Compensation: The compensation plan is quite simple. You will be paid in commissions on equipment sales averaging $500 per sale! Additionally, you will make 30% to 60% residual income on the gross profit of all your active processing accounts. So every sale you make, you are building your ongoing monthly income! See the opportunity?

– Investment: In addition to your time and hardwork, the only investment required to partake in our program is a monthly $49.99 agent fee. This fee gives you access to all of our training videos, material, resources, and applications for success!

Affinty24 Referral Partnership Program

Synopsis: Not really comfortable making sales? Not a problem! By becoming an Affinity24 Referral Partner we only require from you word of mouth references. Sounds simple enough right? Through this career program you will be enrolled by singing our Referral Partnership Agreement. From here the only thing you need to do is exercise your people skills and understand your circle of influence. Ask yourself, “Who do I know?”, “Do my parents own a business?”. “Do any of my friends, my brothers, or my sisters own a business?”, “Do I own a business?”. If the answer is yes to any of these then all we ask of you engage the owners interest in hearing about our services. Thats it! By finding prospective business owners who are interested in saving money and receiving quality customer service and then referring them to us you can build a steady monthly income

– Compensation: For every approved referral you will receive 25% residual income of the accounts monthly gross profit

– Investment: No financial investment. Just need to complete the referral partnership agreement to be enrolled.