Customer Tailored

Affinity24's Pricing


Our pricing model considers you and your needs first, allowing us to offer custom tailored pricing. Your individual business needs deserve specific service and pricing structure.

We believe every merchant is different so every merchant shouldn’t be paying the same rate.

We’ll Be There Every Step of the Way

Affinity24 targets specifically Low-Risk merchants, we believe small businesses shouldn’t be paying the rates of high-risk merchant accounts.


Affinity24 0.00% Cost Tailored Pricing

With Affinity24’s Custom Tailored Pricing Model we take a specific look at the needs of the business.


Are you retail, quick-counter service, or restaurant?

What card types are you taking? MC, VISA, AMEX, DISC?

Are you taking primarily Credit or Debit?

From there we custom-tailor the pricing to fit the specific mold of your credit card processing needs.

Get In touch and let us show you how Affinity24 can improve your credit card processing solutions